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Only got one Kancolle mug done unfortunately.
For sale at Sakuracon booth 219 and more to come in the future~

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Last minute merch for sale at Sakuracon this weekend

stop by booth #219 and say hi or scream about stuff with me

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New mugs! Brachydios mugs all done and ready for Sakuracon.
Lagombi/Urukususu was a custom order.

Brachydios to be sold online at shops if you won’t be at con

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Drink coasters!
trial run, next batch to have less charring and fixes to some line quality.

By this time next week it’ll be Sakuracon! If you are attending and wish to  reserve any of the mugs I will have for sale at Artist Alley, I will include a free coaster from the series of the items you order. Just message me or email at
They will be for sale and included in specials at con.



「天龍と龍田 Tenryu & Tatuta」(艦これより)

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Photo Set

Long overdue Brachydios mug will be sold at the upcoming Sakuracon.

I won’t have it up on my shops until the end of the month, but if you are attending the convention and want to save on shipping, be sure to message me or email at to let me know to secure one or any other mug (store) since quantities will be limited.


Progress work on new merchandize for Sakuracon.
Yeah, we’re going in this direction now.



You win this round KFC.

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In a few weeks I’ll be making my way up to Sakuracon in Seattle. You can expect the usual array of of items for sale, plus hopefully some new stuff that I will put up between now and then. So more on that in the future.

Opened up an Etsy to see about reaching any more customers. Same stuff from Storenvy, but new product photos for better views.

In addition, I need to get rid of the Touhou mugs I made since I will be discontinuing that product. Only listed at storenvy due to the limited amount of each I have.